Exclusive AdvisorShares Dorsey Wright ETFs 

Dorsey, Wright & Associates, LLC, founded in 1987 and led by Tom Dorsey, is a firm renowned for their core philosophy of relative strength investing. Relative strength investing involves buying securities that have appreciated in price more than the other securities in their investment universe and holding those securities until they exhibit sell signals. The investment process for all the AdvisorShares Dorsey Wright ETFs is purely systematic and removes any human emotion from the day-to-day decision making.

Visit these ETF pages and discover the difference of a relative strength approach that seeks to select the winners and avoid the losers.

International Equity
  • Use as an alpha-seeking complement to broad-based international equity exposure or as a standalone solution for international investment exposure.
  • Concentrated investment portfolio of Dorsey Wright's highest-ranked international equities.
  • Unconstrained approach not limited by style, market capitalization, or international market classification
Micro Cap Equity
  • Use as a high-growth complement or satellite equity holding to diversify a broad-based equity allocation.
  • High conviction investment portfolio of Dorsey Wright's top-ranked micro cap equities.
  • Seeks to identify the minnows that can potentially turn into whales. Some of the largest companies in the world started out as micro cap companies.
Short Equity
  • Use as a hedge for long, domestic equity exposure and to seek positive returns in a declining equity market.
  • Dedicated short equity portfolio of companies demonstrating the highest relative weakness characteristics.
  • Entirely systematic approach that could potentially add alpha to an investment portfolio during a bear market environment.